Thinking of Buying a Home?

For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping people just like you find their perfect home in Louisville, Kentucky.

What to Expect When Buying a Home

Whether you are experienced, or you’re taking your first step into property ownership, we realize how daunting the process can feel. We want you to expect to have an explanation of the process in a step by step method. You should expect to have an ally and advocate in every part of the journey. You should expect to have individual attention and easy access to your Realtor. You should expect the Realtor to be a resource for other professionals that may be needed to complete the process.

Exceeding Expectations

Jane & Steve prefer to start the journey with a first-time meeting. We want to get to know you and your real estate wants and needs. We’ll spend time explaining the process and reviewing some of the forms and required paperwork to take some of the scare out of the process. Jane will encourage your pre-approval for lending, and suggest a lender if needed. Jane will show you properties and fine tune the search criteria until the right one is found.

Once you’re under contract, Steve will take you through every part of the contract until all contingencies are met successfully. Jane and Steve will help supply contacts to professionals who may be needed to get to closing and beyond.

Timeline for Buying a Home

From contract acceptance:

  • Step One: Notify your lender and send a copy of the contract.
  • Step Two: Choose a day for inspections per the contract terms.
  • Step Three: Go to inspections, review inspection report.
  • Step Four: Write repair request within contract terms.
  • Step Five: As soon as repair request is accepted, notify lender to order appraisal.
  • Step Six: Make sure the lender has all requested loan documents.
  • Step Seven: Consider ordering a staked survey.
  • Step Eight: Notify utility companies to transfer service into your name as of the day of closing.
  • Step Nine: Go to a final walkthrough of the property.
  • Step Ten: Get final figure of funds needed for closing; get cashiers check for that amount made payable to yourself.
  • Step Eleven: Go to closing.
  • Step Twelve: Go to your new home!!

Please Note: Jane and/or Steve will accompany you every step of the way. Steve will ensure all deadlines are met within contract terms. We hope to ease or eliminate the stress throughout the timeline of events.

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