Bauer Family

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Our Flipping Family

Jeff and I originally started Bauerpower as a way for us to “make a little extra money” and to increase “our overall net worth”.  While it has allowed us to do both of those on a small scale, the real payoff has been in a couple of other areas.  It has been, and continues to be, an amazing learning experience.  From learning how to do different work ourselves, to learning how to create good relationships with contractors, our skills improve with each house we flip.  The best thing about our business is that it allows us to work together with each other and our family.  We aren’t afraid to have the girls at the house with us while we are working, and they like to help as much as they can for their age.  We also know we have a great support team in our extended families as well.  When the job calls for a lot of extra hands, we know we can call parents, brothers, sisters, or cousins and they will be there to pitch in, and the only cost is usually a good meal.  The big payoff has been the amount of fun we have while flipping.  It may be stressful and never-ending at times, but if we didn’t have fun, we wouldn’t continue to flip.  We also love Signature One!  They continue to impress us with each transaction!


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