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When my husband and I were considering a move to Kentucky after 30 years in the Washington DC area, I called Jane Hayes. After all, we had gone to church together while in high school and she still sent calendars to my parents so she should remember me, right? While I was preparing to explain who I was, Jane answered the phone as if we had just spoken yesterday, not 35 years earlier. I explained our situation–we were retiring in 9 months and considering the Louisville area as a possible move. I would be in town for a few days while my mother had knee replacement surgery and would Jane mind showing me some houses just so I could get a feel for the area. When I arrived, Jane spent a day taking my parents and me to houses in Jefferson, Shelby, and Spencer counties. She was incredibly knowledgeable about all the areas and made great suggestions about what and where seemed best for our needs and wants. We narrowed down my likes and dislikes to be ready for another day when my husband and I would both be in town.  Of course, we still had months before we could retire and so looking now was just to help us figure out what the Louisville housing market was like.

A couple weeks later John and I came to town for a week’s stay and Jane had houses for us to visit. That Sunday, my parents took us to Science Hill Inn for brunch and then we drove around Shelbyville. We spotted a house that had not been available on my previous trip, so I called Jane to see if we could look at it when we out the next day. Jane added it to the brochure she had already created for us, and when we walked in, we were smitten. We just knew it was meant to be OUR house.  So after looking at several more—just to be sure–we went back to the office and drafted our first offer.  Jane was super in the negotiation process (it helps to know your market) and by Wednesday we had a contract, pending home inspection. Jane hooked us up with a great mortgage banker and we had our loan approval by mid-week as well.  Steve set up a home inspection in 2 days, and on our way back to northern Virginia on Saturday, we had our home inspection. We left Jane and Steve to finish up everything else for us.  By phone, fax and computer, they kept us up to date while negotiating contract changes based on the outcome of the home inspection. Two months later, we returned for closing and became the proud owners of a house we could not live in until we were able to retire–7 months later.  And even though our real estate transactions were over, Jane and Steve continued to take great care of us.

We had strayed from our logical plan to retire, sell there, buy here, so I talked to Jane about how long the housing market would continue to hold.  Based on her assessment of the housing market (which was spot on), we decided we needed to sell our house in Virginia and look for temporary housing before the bubble burst. When I jokingly asked Jane if she could sell our house in Virginia, she did the next best thing.  She researched and interviewed realtors in northern Virginia for us and recommended someone with the Team Jane Hayes philosophy—service to the client.  We sold our house (at a record high price), found temporary housing, packed up (most) of our belongings and moved them to Shelbyville. Steve had recommended and overseen a painter, changed our locks, and gotten our rugs cleaned so the house would be pristine before we drove out our first load of furniture.  And when we had a miscommunication with our movers in Kentucky, Steve came out and helped us unload a 26-foot truck.  In the heat.  With a smile. Talk about service!


I really thought John and I got special treatment from Jane and Steve because we had known each other in our youth.  But I know now that they provide the same service to every one of their clients. We’ve had lots of friends visit since our move and some are considering moving to Kentucky. Jane has taken two of them around and shown them neighborhoods and houses. I’ve seen the service and care she provides to people who may or may not become clients, and I’m proud to recommend her. When we’re ready to downsize, Team Jane Hayes will be my first call.

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