The O’Neals

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We were first time home buyers and had no idea where to begin with this process. We knew we needed a realtor to help this process go smoothly. A friend who had used Steve and Jane’s services recommended them to us, and what an incredible blessing that recommendation was! Our first encounter was when Jane contacted us by phone after we had sent an e-mail to Signature One Properties. Immediately, when we spoke to her, we knew we were in good hands. Jane was such a kind and friendly voice over the phone. During our search, there were many times where Jane and Steve sat patiently with us in coffee shops as we discussed whether to make an offer or to wait and see what other options became available. They were both so kind in how they patiently guided us through the whole process, not growing frustrated when we asked question after question about real estate terminology. Over the long period of eight months searching for a home, we came to love Jane and Steve like a second set of parents. When we finally found the house we had been dreaming of, it was a bittersweet moment. This was going to be the end of our journey with two people who had been such a blessing and an encouragement to us.
Mr. Steve and Mrs. Jane are very knowledgeable of the Louisville and surrounding area housing markets.
We were no normal house hunter per se. We didn’t mind looking at fixer upper homes.
-Didn’t bother when Michael entertained the ideas of dreaming of what ifs in fixer upper homes
-Helped create ideas of what could be in fixer upper homes
-They weren’t pushy in us to buy a house. They wanted us to find “the house” for us. While they wanted to sell us a house, they wanted it to be the right house.
-Offered much wisdom when looking at houses. Which would be a wise or poor investment.
-Met us at houses at 8:30 – 9:30 at night.
-Let us come to their house to complete paperwork at 9:00 at night
-Did great at researching houses and neighborhoods in such a timely manner.
-Always available
-We view them as a second set of parents. We referred to them as our realtor parents.
-Very kind and loving.
-Dear to our hearts and sad when the search was over because we knew we wouldn’t see Jane and Steve as much anymore

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