Addison Del Mar

Recently, Jane and I took a short trip to San Diego with our 2 daughters. Although the trip was brief, the four of us made great use of the time away spending quality time together. We visited the Aquarium in La Jolla, the San Diego Zoo, and even an In-N-Out Burger.
But the best treat for me (and maybe for all of us) was the evening we were fortunate enough to spend at Addison De Mar, the only 5-star/5-diamond restaurant in Southern California.
When we arrived, we were greeted by name by the valet. Approaching the hostess desk we were impressed by the classic elegance of the furnishings. We were warmly greeted again by name, as if we were regulars, and led through a grand room to our table. As the table captain began to describe what was to follow, we quickly understood we were in for a great experience. The evening proved to be one great dish after another for 10+ courses. Each dish was like eating a piece of art! There was puffed pastry, Kobe beef, seafood, pallet cleansers, and so much more. One of the more memorable dishes was a sea scallop, perfectly cooked, covered with fabulous caviar and edible gold leaf. They served us fresh baked bread and in-house churned butter. The four of us were each served simultaneously by a beautifully choreographed serving staff.
The evening ended with a tour of the kitchen, which was as impressive as the meal had been. I can, without reservation, recommend Addison Del Mar for anyone who finds himself in Southern California. It was truly an unforgettable dining experience!