Frozen…Real Estate in Winter

Buyers and Sellers often ask about the market in winter. Buyers wonder if there are properties to see that fit their wants, and sellers wonder if there are buyers willing to brave to cold to see their property. In Louisville, it’s good news for both buyers and sellers.

Buyers will find that our winters are not so cold as to prevent looking at properties for sale. However, buyers need to be prepared to lace up the skates, because there are more buyers than sellers in almost every price range. So, we suggest buyers get pre-approved with a lender, and then begin the search, with the mindset that well-priced, nicely staged homes will go fast.

Sellers will find that buyers in Louisville are not afraid of a little cold or precipitation. They tend to be excited to think about being in their new home by spring. But sellers will do well to wax the skis, to make it easy for a buyer to love the home they’re selling. It’s never too soon to start de-cluttering, cleaning, and staging their property. They will have the best chance of success if they are show ready the day they list.

We Realtors are certainly happy to list property for sale, and show buyers the properties they want to see. It warms us when you call!